The Conduit Wiki

A new multiplayer area to be featured in Conduit 2. The level is based off of the multiplayer map Agartha and is meant to be used for smaller multiplayer groups.

The map is composed of three large platforms (Red - Central - Blue), connected with one bridge each. All platforms are filled with walls to use for cover.

A rather simple map, all important items are found either in the central platform (Single ASE, speed control point) or inside the team bases (ASE capture points, generators, score goals)


  • Only on this map in online Hardcore Free for All games, Med Packs can be found on some parts of the central platform. These act just like in The Conduit, regenerating full health, but without any HUD indication. There is a total of 4 of these Med Packs spread throughout the map, but only one is found on the central platform, and two of them are in out of map portions.
  • This map contains symbols on the walls of the bases that face the central platform, these symbols are identical to those found on top of the crashed ship in Crash Site.
  • This map has out of map cliffs that playes used to be able to get to through exploits, one of them has Drudge Letters that spell "Congratulations."