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This is the first stage of the final showdown between Michael Ford and John Adams.

After returning to Atlantis through the Conduit in The Lost City of Z, Ford finds sirens blowing through out the Hub. He says to Andromeda "Oh great now whats broken!" (Andromeda) "Nothing is broken MichealFord Adams is about to breach our defenses with a Trust strike force!". A Fragmentation grenade flys through the Conduit, landing near them. The blast sends both flying, incapacitating both. Then Adams enters the Hub, finaly claiming the ASE for himself.

He speaks to Ford, discovering he has absorbed the powers of the other progenitors, but Michael breaks free, punches Adams, and recovers the ASE. The battle then begins.

The Battle[]

The battle takes place in the short corridor between the conduit and the hub area of Atlantis, but with statues placed at the sides, serving as cover.

After finshing the cutscene Ford spawns near the conduit as Trust soldiers begin to enter. Adams is behind a shield much like Ford's first mission in Atlantis, so he will need to destroy the four cyrstals on the four corners of the shield. On the side oposite to the conduit, another set of crystals are powering another shield, this one is for protecting Andromeda and the rest of the ship, these crystals are not needed to be destroyed by Ford.

Once the four crystals are destroyed, the shield will then be disabled leaving Adams open. Adams will not move but is equiped with a Phase Rifle though he can't see through objects. After depleting the first section of his health Adams reveals his progenitor form, just then, Andromeda sets the conduit to Agartha, the legendary city at Earth's core, Ford tackles him and both of them fly into the conduit. The next phase of the battle takes place there.


  • The Phase Rifle can destroy the safety shield on the other side of the area. However, the floor has no collision detection, meaning that if Ford goes there, he will fall to a bottomless pit.