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Player aiming at an Advancer

Advancers, also known as Trust Advancers are a new type of enemies found in Conduit 2's Story Mode. They are highly armored and genetically enhanced trust soldiers. They can resist a lot of weapon fire, barely flinching even when shot with a SPAS 12 or even a Phase Rifle. However they are quite slow and bulky giving players the posibility of outmaneuvering them. In the Story Mode, they carry SPAS 12's most of the time, but also some carry TPC Launchers in the Siberia Crash mission, they can also carry MP5's at Precipice. An interesting feature of these enemies is that their armor will show visual damage (a bright yellow glow) in the areas that got shot.


  • Their attack pattern is very simple, since they only carry short ranged weapons, they will always walk towards the player, keeping distance is important with these enemies.
  • Try to shoot them in the head, it will break their helmet and you will be able to headshot the man who is inside it.
  • Though very rare, sometimes they will carry an AEGIS Device in Invasion Mode, using the shield constantly. Shooting (or throwing a grenade) at their feet is the only way to damage them, this will also disable the shield for a moment.

Conduit 2 - Instruction Booklet[]

Trust Advancers[]

Heavily armored Trust soldiers wielding powerful weaponry. These enemies are an unstoppable force, gentically altered by Adams.


  • Because of their resistant armor and slow movement speed, these enemies appear to be using a version of the "Heavy Armor" suit upgrade.
  • Using a flashbang on an Advancer does not affect it at all, as he is wearing a helmet. Shooting it off will make him react normally.