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"You need to escape...let us take you away!"-Public slogan of Aero-Evac Inc.

Aero-Evac Inc. is an aero taxi company, offering it's service to paying clients throughout the U.S.A, including Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. It was somehow involved in the Aero-Evac Incident, though it's role in the event is unknown. During the evacuation of Washington D.C., likely due to flooding and The Bug , Aero-Evac multi-million dollar contract by Mayor Arnold Fergusson to be the main facilitator of moving medical supplies throughout the D.C., beginning work on October 4. Many such as Prosecutor Brain Mills and numerous watchdog groups complained about Aero-Evac's less then reputable performance during the Gulf War.

Seeing-Is-Deceiving Article[]

  • Aero-Evac Accepts Bid for Medical Evacuation
By Renee Salisar
October 4

Washington D.C. - Evacuation is already underway in Washington D.C. from the
escalation of terrorist attacks. Aero-Evac accepted a multi-million dollar
contract in order to be the primary facilitator of medical, equipment, and
personnel transport for the operation. This has raised many eyebrows amongst
public officials due to the company's history.
Many corporate watchdogs consider Aero-Evac to be less then reputable due to
their performance during the Gulf War. The corporate conglomerate once faced
charges of negligence, corruption, and obstruction of justice. Prosecutor
Brian Mills of those proceedings had much to say about Aero-Evac's current
task. "Although Evac claims to have changed since the war, their policies
remain the same. They really don't care about the value of human life. Their
idea of evacuation would be the equivalent of moving cattle. This may be
Mayor Fergusson's biggest mistake." The mayor's office was unavailable for


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