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The Aero-Evac Incident was a foiled assassination plot on the President, prevented by Secret Servive Agent, Michael Ford.


Information about the event is somewhat vague. Since it called the Aero-Evac Incident, it may be named after the Aero-Evac Inc., a company that uses aircraft to shuttle it's custermors around. It's possible they had large or minor role in the Aero-Evac incident, somehow for sure they had some role in it. During the event, which occured on Ocotober 1 (the year of the event of this unknown, but since George W. Bush is elected president, likely in between 2008-2011), the President was almost none other then his own Secret Service Agents. However Michael Ford, who was also protecting the President, stopped these traitors and managed to save the President.

Role in The Conduit series[]

While the event is only mentioned a few times in The Conduit, it's role in the storyline is quite large. It was this incident that the President and John Adams chose Ford for the mission to recover the ASE after Prometheus men stole it.


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