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The Alien Walker was a possible boss or enemy seen in the background. The Conduit limited edition concept art book shows this Alien Walker towering over the Jefferson Memorial, and might have been encountered there if it had been included in the game.


The Alien Walker, had been included, would have been the largest enemy in the entire Conduit series, making a Invader look like shrimp. It moves about on six legs, four in the front and two in the rear. It body is beetle shaped, and it's armor is a light orange color, though only on it's back and belly, the rest is black. The front of this walker has six blue "eyes."


  • The Alien Walker might have been cut because it didn't match their creators, The Drudge since Drudge technology was Bio-Mass based and looked more organic, unlike the Alien Walker which is made out of metal and looks more like it should work for the Covenant of Halo series.