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Human Ammo Cache beside a Drudge Drone.

An Ammo Cache is a cache that stores ammunition for a specific type of weapon and grenades. They appear in single-player, and multiplayer modes in The Conduit. There are three types of Ammo Caches, which are: Human, Drudge, and Trust. In Conduit 2, the individual ammo caches are replace with Universal Ammo Caches.

Human Ammo Cache Edit

Human Ammo Caches can restock any conventional weapon, and fill up empty grenade spaces with fragmentation grenades. They are long chests that open up as you retrieve ammo, and/or grenades.

Drudge Ammo CacheEdit

Cond 1231

Trust Ammo Cache.

These caches give bio-mass to reload any Drudge weapon, and also give radiation grenades.

Trust Ammo CacheEdit

With this Ammo Cache, any Trust weapon can be restocked, as well as flash grenades.

Universal Ammo CacheEdit

In Conduit 2, Universal Ammo Caches replace the individual caches from the first game and refill any type of ammo or grenades. If the player has more than one type of grenade, by selecting one of them it is possible to fill the stock with that particular grenade type.


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