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Andromeda is one of the protagonists in Conduit 2. Not much is know about her as of now, but she meets Michael Ford in Atlantis after he awakens her from cryostasis. After being awakened, she demands that Prometheus show himself, calling him a traitor. Andromeda later reveals to Ford that her purpose is to aid the Destroyer, who Ford has now become after acquiring the Destroyer Exoskeleton suit.[1] She is voiced by Lani Minella.

Prometheus later tells Ford that Andromeda knew the previous owner of the Destroyer suit.[2]

After Ford returns from Washington, D.C., Andromeda discovers the path of Adams, moving from certain Progenitor energies to another.


Andromeda requests to Ford to indentify himself

Prometheus reveals that he fought alongside her thousands of years ago, but is reluctant to tell Ford the entire story between them. When Andromeda finally realizes Prometheus' presence inside the All-Seeing Eye, Prometheus attempts to apologize and explain himself, but never gets the chance against Andromeda's furious yelling.

All through the course of the game, Andromeda either mocks Ford or treats him with anger because of his relationship with Prometheus.

When Adams manages to infiltrate Atlantis, she is rendered helpless by the

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Before Adams infiltrates the ship

blast of a grenade, but after a while she reaches the console to reprogram the main conduit so Ford can take the battle to Agartha.

After the apparent death of Prometheus and the rest of the Progenitors at the end of Conduit 2, she expresses regret, saying that perhaps Prometheus' intentions were noble after all.


"So, the Pathfinder is clashing with a Destroyer yet again. Some things never change."[1]

"I am not helping you, Michaelford. My purpose is to aid the Destroyer, and as long as you wear that armor, that is what you are."[1]

"Prometheus is a traitor! If not for him, Adams would be dead, and no longer my problem"

"Does the slow tough guy touch you have, normally work on girls?"

"Every time you use a conduit, your IQ lowers by five points... You must've used a lot of conduits"


  • Interestingly, she refers to Ford as "Michaelford," assuming that both Ford's first and last names are one, similarly to the way the shamen in Avatar refers to Jake as Jakesully.
  • She appears to be wearing armor similar to the Destroyer suit.
  • Andromeda's armor is a skin in Conduit 2's multiplayer.
  • In Conduit 2's multiplayer, she gives commands to the blue team.[3]
  • In Greek mythology, Andromeda was a princess saved from death from a sea monster (likely the Leviathan) by Perseus, whom she later married.[4]
  • Coincidentally, Andromeda is also the name of a television series on which Kevin Sorbo, Prometheus' original voice actor, starred.
  • It appears that it was Prometheus who actually locked Andromeda in the stasis chamber, as mentioned by her in one her many optional dialogs.
  • Despite having been just awakened, after sleeping for centuries and probably not knowing in which time she currently is, she still claims, correctly, that the Atlantean technology is far more advanced than modern human tech.
  • Andromeda's armor is a textbook example of developers designing armor to be revealing and attractive instead of making it functional and properly protect the wearer. The armor is incredibly inconvenient for combat situations, since it directly exposes her skin in critical areas, and the suit is very thin thin and skin-tight, hardly providing any kind of protection; and the only areas with thick plating are her shoulder pads and her helmet, which doesn't cover her face. This becomes apparent in the final battle, as Andromeda was rendered completely helpless by the blast of a grenade for the duration of the entire boss battle, and even after, she could barely stand when activating the conduit to Agartha. In multiplayer though, the helmet does feature a visor, and the armor can sustain as much damage as any of the other characters.