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blurry ingame photo of annexation

Annexation is a new multiplayer game mode in Conduit 2.

It is a part of the Team Objective category. The two teams, red and blue, fight for capturing three pilars, A B and C, and to get points from them. This can be done by standing near them but takes time. Each pilar grants 2 points after 10 seconds, the team that reaches the point limit, or has the most points once the time runs out, will win the match. Unlike other team based matches, these pilars do not grant special boost powers.

Killing enemy players wont increase the score, however they have long respawn times, turning it into an inconvenience when their enemy is scoring points constantly and the injured player is unable to respawn at once.

The HUD features 2 displays in addition of the standard ones: One for showing the current points of both teams; and one that shows the status of the three pilars with the letters having either red, and blue colors indicating which team has captured them, or white if they have not been secured by neither of the teams.

John Adams will announce captures and victory for the red team, while Andromeda will do it for the blue team.