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Within the hub of Atlantis, Michael Ford can use a Weapon Replicator to "create" any kind of weapon available through the story mode of Conduit 2.

To use it, Ford must simply press the Action Button near it, and he will go into a customization screen for his four loadouts, there he can select two weapons, one grenade type, and 4 Suit Upgrades for each loadout. With the exception of the five unlocked weapons at the beginning of the game (USP45, MP5KA4, SCAR, SPAS 12, Frag Grenades), Ford will have to find and scan Weapon and Suit Upgrade Blueprints with the ASE to be able to select new weapons. These can be found all over the world but are well hidden. Also, if the player purchases some weapons and upgrades in The Store, these items will also become available in the replicator, this is necessary, since not many weapons and suit upgrades have a blueprint.

The machine will become available at the start of the 5th mission and will remain active for the rest of the game.

Once the player has created new loadouts on other game modes, they become available for Ford to choose in the campaign as well.


  • In the holographic display, it displays the Dark Star.
  • For some reason, the ASE can detect the device with its alternate function, and if pointed directly at it, it will show the device's name.