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Conduit2 jan screen 10

4-Player Split-Screen

A new multiplayer area to be featured in Conduit 2. The level is based off of the multiplayer area Whiteout and is used for smaller multiplayer groups and for Invasion Mode.

The masp is basically Whiteout with some areas cut out. This removals change dramatically the way the map works.

The biggest changes are the removal of the long path that connected both bases, and the removal of the underground bridge that connected both bunkers. Other changes include the removal of the entire cliff side, eliminating the danger of suiciding. Also the both bunkers get one of their doors closed (at the sides that lead to the removed path, which is off-limits in this map)

These changes make the map linear and completely asymetrical, with an L shape:

From the Red bunker there are two paths, one leading to a natural overpass and other leading to a tunnel. Both paths lead to the central area which sports two sniping spots over a large open section (one is a building with access to its roof and the other is a small mountain with a small tunnel). A little further, the crashed HAVOC Gunship can be found as a small obstacle. After this structure to the left, the Blue bunker can be found at the end of a short passage.