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Balloon Battle is a new multiplayer game mode in Conduit 2.

It is a part of the Free For All category. All players have a set number of lives at the beginning of the match (represented with red balloons on top of their heads, these are visible to all players) and with every death they lose one, while killing enemies will earn the player an extra life. When a player losses every life they get eliminated from the match, without any chance of winning, but becomes a mini bomb to try to take out other player. The last player alive (or the one with the most lives when the time ends) is declared the winner of the match. When there are only two players left, the game appears to work in a different way: Killing no longer earns balloons, and when one of the two players losses all lifes, it doesn't become a bomb and the match ends.

When on mini bomb mode, the player is literaly shrunk to miniature size and moves at a high speed, no weapons can be used, and since the character is stuck in running animation, it can't move crouched. Pressing the fire button serves as a self destruct of sorts, earning a suicide each time is pressed, but can earn the BombKart medal if a player is killed in the blast.

With the default values in a one vs one match, the game mode works much like the Three Strikes mode in The Conduit multiplayer.

in this game mode Bombs blow up through walls and all Melee attacks are instant kills (except Backstabs) use these tactics to your advantage to dominate your rivals and best your friends


  • High Voltage Software has claimed to have been inspired by the Mario Kart series for making this game mode, and several references can be noticed:
    • The rules name itself.
    • Having the lifes of the player displayed with balloons over his/her character.
    • Being able to steal baloons from enemies with kills.
    • The default lives are three, just like in Mario Kart.
    • Bombs (known as Bob-ombs) are recurring items in the latest iterations of the same series, and have devastating power.
    • Killing a player while being a bomb earns the "BombKart" achievement.
  • Some players have adapted this game into Conduit2's most popular made-up game known as Bomb Zombies, also known as Bomzies. It is Conduit 2's version of Call of Duty's Micheal Myers game.