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Charles Thompson is the President of the United States of America, in The Conduit. Before the events of The Conduit, he was preparing for reelection campaign, running againest Reimer, his political opponent. After Michael Ford saved his life from an assassination attempt, he gave permission to John Adams to recruit Ford into The Trust. After mistaking Ford for a Trust agent, Thompson thought that The Trust could take care of the alien invasion and gave John Adams and the Trust full executive power of the United States. The helicopter he used to leave the White House, Marine One, was last seen in The Conduit's campaign level Homeland. In a cutscene, the helicopter was seen being attacked by Mites and then heard crashing to the ground in a not accessible area in the level. As of Conduit 2, his current whereabouts and status are unknown though a pc tablet in the Washington mission suggests that he escaped and is currently located in a mountain complex somewhere in America.


  • In the in the Conduit series, neither Barack Obama or John McCain are elected as President of the U.S.A since Charles Thompson become president instead. He likely became more popular to the public than both of them. However it's unknown what party Thompson is from. Likely he was either a Democrat or a Republican and defeated both is rival in his own party as well as his rival in the other party. It's also likely neither McCain or Obama ran for that office, never entered politics, or simply never existed.