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Chriakan was one of the Progenitors mentioned in Conduit 2's data logs. He was secretly controlling the South America region. His fate is currently unknown, but it is likely to be dead.

Trust Archives[]

Chriakan Dossier[]

Trust Archive File

Subject: Progenitor Chriakan

Chriakan happily grabbed South America in the division after the Great Deluge. Life in Atlantis had always seemed too sterile and stiffing, and he look to the challenge of the jungles like a piranha to the Amazon. When the Europeans first came to his territory, Chriakan slaughtered them. It wasn't until they brought their horses and guns that he saw how wonderful technology could be, and he wholeheartedly embraced the elevated levels of violence they promised. Chriakan inspired all of the drug cartels in the region.


  • It should be noted that although he resided in the Amazon region, where the Lost City of Z is located, he is not the progenitor Michael Ford absorbed in that location, because Prometheus mentioned that the energy signature came from a female progenitor. Whether the two were related to eachother or not is unknown.
  • Chriakan could be named after Chriakan-Ixmucane, who in Mayan mythology, was one of the thirteen creator gods who helped construct humanity.