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The Claw Bombs are a type of bomb that are dropped from the air with a combat jet in the campaign mode of Conduit 2.

Used by the trust, these bombs appear in the mission through Washington DC. At some points, Michael Ford will be attacked by multiple enemies and these bombs will be dropped near him. The bombs attach to any kind of surface and feature a timer, and after it goes off, the resulting explosion can deal massive or lethal damage to anyone near them. These airstrikes happen four times during Ford's mission on DC:

  • Near the beginning of the mission when Ford first encounters Drones
  • Shortly after talking to Thex
  • And two times during Ford's attempt to dissarm the Doomsday Device

Rather than hindering Ford, these bombs often are helpful to him. Since they are dropped while Ford is being attacked by their own men, they will also kill any trust or drudge enemies in the area. Even when they are directly aimed at him, he only has to run out of the short blast zone of the explosion to survive and have the area cleared of enemies. This is not surprising though, since Adams and the pilots of the jets likely wouldn't care about trooper casualties as long as the objectives are acomplished (this fact is more evident near the end of the mission, where a massive bomb is armed and would have likely killed any trust soldier in the city). However, in one data log it was suggested to the trust officers to have their soldiers away from the bombing coordinates.

It is possible that the first set of bombs in the mission were not used against Ford, but against the rebel Drudge enemies since Michael had just arrived at the place.