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It's time for the final showdown between you and Adams. Make him pay for his crimes against America.
Location The Innermost Sanctum of The Trust
Enemies Trust Humans, Drones, Tear-Mites, Therm-Mites, Med-Mites, Scarabs, Storm Scarabs
Weapons Deatomizer Mk4, SPAS 12, Hive Cannon, Strike Rifle, Warp Pistol, TPC Launcher, Carbonizer Mk16
Achievements Completion Award
Previous Next
Checkmate None

This is the ninth and final mission in The Conduit, taking place in The Trust base.



Firstly, you must kill all the Trust agents defending the area. You start out with a Deatomizer Mk4 and the SPAS 12.

There are a few weapons on the wall that can be traded. The Carbonizer Mk16 is recommended for the upcoming fight, though it should practically be saved for the Drudge Scarabs, or towards the end of this chapter. Another automatic weapon over the SPAS 12 should suffice.

After the first wave of enemies have been wiped out, John Adams will contact you. activating the Conduits on the other end of the room. As self-destruct sequence has been activated, and there is no way out. Adams leaves the comm link, fully confident that Mr. Ford will be killed.

At some point, you will find that Prometheus' consciousness was uploaded straight to the ASE. In layman's terms, Prometheus' body is gone, though his mind is not. After you eliminate the incoming Drudge, the Conduits will deactivate. Prometheus then suggests you should redirect power from other sources, namely the the nearby capsules. Use the ASE to turn off the capsules. Note that Drudge Scarabs will be released per capsule deactivated, so keep a slow pace. Remember that the player is timed, and it is not necessary for the player to kill all of the Scarabs if the time doesn't allow it. Use the previously mentioned Carbonizer to incinerate them. They all wield Hive Cannons, so be careful.

Once power has been redirected from all of the stasis tubes, a lone Conduit will reactivate. Walk up to this Conduit and Prometheus will begin to speak to you.

A cutscene incurs. As your escape is only feet away, you are attacked by Drudge that seem to have come from two other Conduits. Mr. Ford fends them off through CQC, and kills the last offender through blunt force trauma by the ASE. Michael enters the Conduit, and no words are spoken as he travels to who may know where.

Contrary to the in-game description, you do not meet John Adams.


While Michael Ford is traveling through the portal, brief, blurry, overhead views of an oil rig are seen. As the credits roll, Mr. Adams is heard talking to an Unknown alien and it is found out that he is actually an alien exile called Enlil who is over 240 years old.


  • There are no hidden messages in this mission.
  • It has been confirmed that the oil rig is where Ford spawns after entering the conduit. This is the first level of Conduit 2.