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The Coelacanth is one of the many artifacts found in Conduit 2's story mode, it can be found in GLOMAR Oil Rig. It is a real life fish, and was discovered during 1938 off the coast of Madagascar. This creature was thought to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs, but this has proven false.


In the Captain's Cabin, Ford will enter in a room filled with conspiracy objects and scans. The fish can be found on a glass tank. To scan it, Ford must shoot the glass to let the fish fall into the floor.

Data Log Description[]

This type of lobe-finned bony fish was believed extint. It was discovered to have survived in 1938. This individual appears to be of the Axelrodichthys Olsonius species.


  • If players refrain from shooting the fish tank and step close to it, the Coelacanth will speak. It will either speak with a Trust Soldier voice clip, or a clip from the Sega Dreamcast game, Seaman.
  • In addition, if players refrain from shooting the tank, the Coelocanth will not appear when a player uses the ASE's Ping function. This has caused some frustration among players looking to complete their Scan Logs.