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Player facing a C.O in the China mission.

Conspiracy objects are collectable items hidden in the environments of Conduit 2´s single-player campaign, that have to be scanned with the ASE. Some of these items have information about the Conduit universe, it´s characters, locations, plot, etc.

Data Logs[]

Several files with text can be found scatered around the levels, they contain information about events related to the main plot, the background story, and even other characters. Other logs are simply recordings of the trust normal activities as any normal organization, written by their employees.


Several objects around the levels can be scanned with ASE, these artifacts are objecs based of real life artifacts or legends, though most of them have no significant meaning for the main story, but add to the background conspiracy theories. The ASE can acquire information about them and can be read like the data logs.

List of Artifacts[]