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A Blue Team player near one of the Red Teams control points.

Control Points are a new feature in Conduit 2's Multiplayer, they are pillars that are featured on the map that can be captured by team members. These pillars can be found on most Team Games except in ASE Basketball, Free For All games don't feature them. The will glow in fire with the colors of the team that has captured them.


These points are used to grant special power boosts to the team that has captured them. To do this, one or more players of a team must stand very close to them and a bar will appear on the player's HUD. First the bar will fill to one side (left if the player is on the blue team, right if is on the red team), that will "capture the point", giving the benefits to the team automatically; but if the player stays near the bar will start to fill again, this will "secure" the pillar, this is done to make it harder for enemy player to steal the control point quickly. Securing a control point takes twice as long than simply capturing it. Stealing and securing a control point takes even more time, as the player must first deplete the bar of the enemy team, and then fill it for his/her own team. The bar will deplete/fill faster the more players of the same team colaborate to capture the pillar.

All maps feature three of these control points:

  • Health: Increases the health regeneration rate of all team members
  • Speed: Increases the overall speed of all team members by 25.
  • Damage: Increases the damage of all team members' weapons by 13%

Generaly the health and damage pillars are near the team bases, leaving the speed control point in the middle of the map to be fought by the teams.

In the game mode Annexation, the pillars no longer grant bonuses, but they give points over time to the team that has captured them.

Additionally, John Adams for the red team, and Andromeda for the blue team, will inform to the whole team if a player is capturing a control point to their team, or if an enemy player is stealing one. When a player is glitched on neither team a gargled Free Drudge voice will direct the player, however crashing the game when they begin capturing a control point.