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Located in Oxford, England, this is one of the optional missions featured in Conduit 2's story mode. The mission consist of locating all the collectibles in the area before being killed by the enemies. The mission has no objective beyond that, and enemies will not stop spawning. The only way to end the mission, is activating the conduit from which Michael Ford came in. It is also a map featured in Multiplayer mode.

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Ship's interior


The level's main attraction is the ship crashed in the middle of the zone, going inside it lets the players press a button that activates the ship's thrusters, killing everything that passes by, friends and foes alike.

The map is mostly symetrically shaped, with a few differences on each side.


The ship's engines are about to be ignited

The symetry line is located across the diagonal of the map unlike other squared maps like Streets and Sanctum. Because they are located across the symetry line, neither of the control points are particulary close to either base, however some pillars are easier to reach from certain sides of the map, making it more probable for the closest team to get to them first than the other (notable example being the Damage control point, since one team has a more direct access to it when the other team has to take a detour and traverse through some platforms).


  • This map is often chosen to acomplish the "Ultra Kill", "Killer Kill", and "Blaster Kill" Achievements due to its main hazard, the engines.
  • This level confirms the existence of the Greys within the Conduit universe. There is a dossier specifically referencing the fact that the crashed ship is of Grey origin, and a Grey corpse can be seen within the ship itself.
  • The Crash Site is located in England, which is home to the ambitious and power-hungry Progenitor named Donar.
  • The coordinates for this area are +51° 45', -1° 15'+. When used on a map, these coordinates really lead to Oxford, England. However, the area around the coordinates has no buildings at all, being a playing field. There are many colleges and churches around the play field though, and the ship could have crashed into one of them.
  • There are no known real life alien sightings/crashes in this particular area of England.
  • There are symbols on top of the crashed ship ship that match symbols on the Abyss and Agartha maps, they are located on the bases in abyss, and the top of the ship in Crash Site.
  • When looking at the posters on the walls there is one tiny black poster with blurry white writing that appears to spell "The Conduit" but it is hard to tell because it is very blurry.
  • This is the only interactive map in Conduit 2.

Conduit 2 - Multiplayer Exclusive Direct Feed Gameplay (Sega Community Event Match 2)

Crash Site in Conduit 2's Multiplayer


Conduit 2 - Multiplayer Exclusive Direct Feed Gameplay (Sega Community Event Match 1)

Crash Site in Conduit 2's Multiplayer