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Custom Matches are online and local competitive multiplayer games that can be created and then configured in many ways in Conduit 2.

They serve as private matches for online play, one player is the host of the game and up to 11 more can join to the lobby. These custom matches can only be played by people that had befriended the host of the match, by exchanging friend codes that are unique to their profiles or sending them a rival request.

Split-Screen games are called Competitive, but after entering in the lobby the process is exactly the same as the online custom matches, except the player limit is 4. In split-screen, all guest players can customize their controller and loadout preferences before choosing the competitive game mode.

To join a Custom Match online, players must check in their friends/rivals roster and see if anyone is currently playing a private match.

Lobby Settings[]

Within the lobby, the host can customize several options to alter the game rules and settings:

Game Mode[]

  • Free For All
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Team Objective

Rule Set[]

For each mode selected there are a number of rules available. These are exclusive to their respective game type.



These options feature several sliders to modify the different parameters of the match. Pressing C will restore the options to their default values. Rules settings will affect only the basic goals of the match, while global settings will affect the whole gameplay regardless of the rule selected.

Modify Rules[]

  • Time Limit (min) <When the match reaches its time limit, the player/team with the highest points wins>
  • Point Limit <When a player/team reaches the point limit, be it kills/captures/others, it is declared the winner>
  • Respawn Time (sec) <The waiting time before a player can respawn in a match>

(Note: There are different default values for each rule)

Modify Global Settings[]

  • Player Health <Default: 100>
  • Health Regeneration <Default: 100>
  • Run Speed <Default: 100>
  • Gravity <Default: 100>
  • Radar Eneabled <On/Off>
  • Lock-On Eneabled <On/Off>
  • Loadouts <Personal Loadouts/Custom Match Loadouts>
  • Manage Custom Loadout
  • Weapon Pick-ups <Off/On>
  • Ammo Dumps <Off/On>

After configuring the match, the host only needs to clic on the Start option, and after a brief countdown the match begins to load.


  • With the large amount of customization present in the custom matches and split-screen, it is possible to set a match to be much like the The Conduit's multiplayer:
    • Reducing health regeneration so it takes longer time to recover.
    • Having both Radar and Lock-on eneabled.
    • Setting a custom loadout with no suit upgraders other than Armory and selecting weapons by their category.
    • Enabling both weapon pick-ups and ammo dumps.
  • Only on this mode, it is possible to create a custom loadout with two secondary weapons (i.e. USP45 and HVS45) or even two primary weapons (i.e. Phase Rifle and SMAW) without the use of the Armory upgrade.