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C2 cyberia heavy blaster

Concept art of the weapon

The Cyberia Heavy Blaster is an unused weapon that was conceptualized for Conduit 2. Only seen in some concept artworks from early stages of development, its name comes from its image name on Stanley Von Medvey's blog (it is named "cyberia_heavy_blaster" on its file name, it is unknown if it is a typo or a reference to Cyberia.[1]

It is unknown if this weapon concept was modified into one of the five new weapons of the game or if it was completely scrapped at some point (though the Phase Rifle was already conceptualized at that time)


Artwork of the Leviathan boss battle

It faintly resembles the Mounted Turret in the Washington D.C. level in campaign. This could be one of many things that this weapon could have been scrapped into.

Files in the game's code offer a side veiw of all the weapons in the game, in two slightly different variations.  The Cyberia Heavy Blaster is included among these, as well as the turrets, backstab, and fist.  This is proof that the Cyberia Heavy Blaster is actually still partially coded into the game.  It can also be found in other areas, however even if it were hacked into use the game is not programmed to handle all the missing data, so it will freeze your own Wii and/or disconnect you from online services.  It would not have a model, so your character could not perform any actions at all and it would lock your character in offline gameplay.  Online however will disconnect you until you restart your Wii.  These effects are shared by all the debug weapons, of which there are at least 3 others: Striker, Deatomizer MK9, and War Gauntlet.  While the Striker and Deatomizer MK9 have appeared in The Conduit and The Conduit HD, their functionality has been completely stripped from Conduit 2 in every way.  War Gauntlet has weapon icon of a large metal fist like those of a Space Marine, however most people that have seen the art booklet would imagine Mr. Ford's plasma sword.