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Ford firing at a Cyborg and a Trust Soldier in the GLOMAR oil Derrick on early stages of the game's development.

The Cyborgs are cybernetic enemies found in Siberia, built by the Progenitor Katarina during the events of Conduit 2. Along with Siberian Wolves, Cyborgs were used to guard Katarina's Complex in Siberia, however when the Trust invaded the facility they were reprogrammed (or went rogue) and became one more of their many combat units. Normally, they are set up at resting stations, but they will awaken from their slumber if shot or if Michael Ford walks within close proximity to them. As their name implies, they are not completely mechanical, shots to their helmets reveal their human heads beneath a respirator mask, because of their partly organic nature, Flash grenades can paralyze them. These enemies seem to be relatively stronger and more resistant to attacks than ordinary soldiers, but not by much.