The Debug Menu Map is a test area used in the development of The Conduit and can be accessed in the online multiplayer through hacking. It is a lrage 150 Meter cube painted white with 1x1 meter squares as the design on the walls and floor. included in the map are multiple campaign-only features including: Pulse Boxes, Explosive Barrels, a destroyable box, and Regenerator Units.

Unlike in the campaign, Pulse Boxes do not hurt player, but Regenerator Units still heal players. There are also differently angled slopes that start at 5° and ending at 45°. However, these slopes range in increments of 5°. other features of the map are 3x3 Meter cubes that are elevated at different heights, scaling walls, and 1x1 meter cubes increasing in distance between eachother.

Some walls on the map also feature different textures and designs.

HNI 0001

loading screen of Conduit 2 "tMap" AKA "Netz Multiplayer Test Map"

Conduit 2Edit

In Conduit 2 the test map goes by the names "tMap" and "Netz Multiplayer Test Map". It also appears to be unplayable as the loading screen continues infinitely; however, players can still enter a designated lobby. The loading screen shares a resemblance to a room in the Siberia mission.

It is unknown if players are able to successfully enter a game on this map, nor is it known what the actual map looks like.

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