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Ford in the Destroyer Armor

The Destroyer Armor is the body armor used by Michael Ford in Conduit 2. Not much is known about this mysterious suit but Adams reverse engeneered the Trust Armor from it. It is given to Ford after he arrives at Atlantis. There was another human that used this armor before Ford did, not much is known about this subject, but Andromeda knew who it was, and it is believed to have been killed by Li.

Also, in the end of the game, in the final cutscene the old american presidents (ex. Lincoln, Washington) show up in suits like ford's. It is unknown whether those are the previous Destroyers Andromeda knew. [1]


  • Sega launched a Conduit 2 limited edition with a code to unlock the Golden Destroyer suit.
  • The European and Australian special editions of Conduit 2 came with a miniature statue of Ford wearing the Destroyer suit if the buyer pre-ordered the game.
  • The armor is a multiplayer skin in Conduit 2.
  • Occasionally (or even rarely) a Trust soldier will shout out, "You're not my father, you aren't my father!", a reference to Star Wars' antagonist Darth Vader, as he wears a large, black suit of armor (like the Destroyer).