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A new multiplayer area to be featured in Conduit 2. The level is based off of the multiplayer map Lost City, and is a small area intended for smaller groups in multiplayer mode and for Invasion Mode.


The map is basically the same as Lost City, with the main difference of having only the central zone to battle, the other areas are off-limits and the paths that lead there are blocked by force fields or walls.

The main feature of the area is the large arch in the center of the map in lower ground and can be used to climb quickly to higher grounds (additionally, an ASE can be found on top of it in single ASE games), it also has four paths coming from it. The paths going to the off-limit bases split in two, one goes underground and the other goes at higher grounds, but both end on the stone wall. The path that goes to the left (blue team perspective) leads to a ladder that lets players reach to a higher path that is otherwise hard to reach (because it is accessed from the bases, however it is still possible to climb it from one of the sides by sprinting into a slope on the side of it), the path that goes to the right splits in two, one goes through a tunnel and leads to a ladder that can be used to reach a sniper spot, the other split simply goes to ground level. Small squared structures can be found all over the place, and look like miniature versions of the team bases on Lost City. Because the tunnels that lead to the bases are still in the map, they can end up being spots for camping. Since the map no longer has the original bases, they are now located on the sides of the map rather than the extremes, control points, capture points, and generators are all located in the same area.