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The Doomsday Device is a massive bomb armed by Trust soldiers near the National Institute in the D.C. mission.

Conduit 2 Story Mode[]

Unlike most of the conspiracy objects found in the story mode, the doomsday device takes an important role in the Washington D.C. level. After entering a Mobile Command Unit, Prometheus discovers that Adams has set a powerfull weapon near the National Institute, and then both him and Michael Ford set to find it. Once that Ford manages to get out of the subterranean instalations, he comes just in time to find the device armed and ready. Ford uses the ASE to let Prometheus work on the dissarming codes while he fends of some Trust Soldiers. After killing the last one, he has only 12 seconds to scan the device again to deactivate it.

Data Log Description[]

(Note: To get this artifact recorded, the player must scan it two times in a row, once for triggering the battle secuence and a second time to record it on the log)

This large bell-shapped device represents early efforts to create a weapon of mass destruction. It has an uneven weight distribution, and contains enough fissible material to cause a devastating nuclear explosion. An inscription reads "Der Riese- V.Rol 1945", which likely points to Nazi origins


  • The bomb's dissarming sequence was encrypted in pre-modern German cryptography according to Prometheus, suggesting that the Trust didn't need to use with their own codes to operate the device because they knew the Nazi's coding.
    • Or that they did had to code an activation sequence for their soldiers, but didn't make a dissarming one.
  • A similar object was shown on the television show "Unsolved Mysteries" were it was claimed to be a succesful Nazi time machine.
  • It is believed to be the same object that crashed during the "Kecksburg UFO incident" featured here