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The Dropa Stones are one of the many artifacts found in Conduit 2's story mode, it can be found in China. They were built by a the Dropa.


Near the beginning of the mission, Michael Ford will encounter its first cloaking soldier and some more regular Trust soldiers, after defeating them he goes through a ruined room, then through a very small section of that room that connects to the next path, inside it, the stones can be found on the right side corner.

Data Log Description[]

Discovered during an archaeological expedition, the Dropa Stones are nine inches in diameter, with a spiraling groove from the perfectly round three-quarter inch center. The "groove" was identified as a series of almost microscopic writing in the form of characters and hierogyphics. The story on the stones depicts a crash landing of an alien spacecraft, a fearful encounter with the tribal Hama, and that the two eventualy made peace.