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Drudge alphabet decoder.

Drudge alphabet is the written language of the Drudge. In The Conduit, it is found in the menus, and in the campaign mode it is found in Hidden Messages. Each letter is equivalent to a letter of the English alphabet. Messages in Drudge alphabet appear to have the same structure as the English alphabet, and even use signs such as periods, hyphens, and commas.

Near the end of the campaign mode, Prometheus tells Michael Ford that the Drudge were created using Prometheus as a genetic blueprint. This means that they are not an alien race, but genetically modified clones of an alien (Prometheus). It would seem odd for them to have their own alphabet if they are not an alien species.


If one takes a further look into the story, one will discover that Prometheus, and Adams (or Enlil, as the Annunaki Leader calls him) are Annunaki. The Annunaki are an evil alien race, but Prometheus has become good. Therefore the alien symbols are from the Annunaki, not the "Drudge", who aren't actually a species of their own, but genetically modified from Prometheus' DNA. They are servants (or drudge) of Enlil and the Annunaki Leader.

Interesting Conduit 2 Facts[]

In Conduit 2's online multiplayer map called Agartha, there are letters from this alphabet scattered in clusters in hidden areas and glitch areas. It seems as if the creators wanted players to find and decode these, even though most are in places it is not normaly possible to see or even get to. One found out of map in Agartha decodes as "It has happened again" which possibly refers to all the glitches in The Conduit. There are even Microdot-like symbals that are hidden throughout Pentagon, Crash Site, Streets, and Serenity that read various things, one found out of map in Pentagon reads "Congratulations player." The weirdest thing ever recorded to be found was a Progenitor's head outlined with curves in the rocks at Abyss, not Agartha however, sadly it may never be seen again since the glitch to get to it was patched with the fourth update.