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In The Conduit the Ducaz appear in a Hidden Message which states that the Ducaz came before the Drudge. Later on in the game the Drudge are revealed to be Annunaki(Progenitor) human hybrids created on Earth through bio-mass science. This would lead to the player into assuming that the Ducaz the Prototypes for the Drudge.

In Conduit 2, it is revealed that the Ducaz were created by the Annunaki during the Floods of the Deluge and nearly wiped out the human race until stopped by Prometheus. It is unknown where they left to or if the Annunaki just wiped them out.

Hidden Messages[]

  • "The Ducaz came before the Drudge."
  • "Ducaz are but one of the many servants"



It is stated by Prometheus in Conduit 2 while getting one of the elements during the China mission, that Adams had tried using his own DNA for the Drudge, but failed, and he didn't try again for some reason. It is possible that these creations could be the Ducaz. It should also be noted that only one of these creations survived, Adams son, AKA "Freak JR." as Mr. Ford calls him.