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Ellinor Dare was the wife of Ananias Dare and mother of Virginia Dare, who was the first baby colonist born in the Roanoke Colony. She is a real person in real life.


Ellinor Dare was a married colonist to Ananias Dare, and who gave birth to Virginia Dare, who would become a catalyst by being the first Puppet of the Masters (Progenitor). Like the rest of the colonists of Roanoke Colony, she vanished without a trace.

Hidden Messages[]

  • "The union of Ellinor and Ananias Dare was the catalyst!"


  • The current fate of Virginia Dare, Ellinor Dare and Ananias Dare in real life is unknown. It's possible they lived with the local indian tribes, were killed by an indian tribe or simply died in attempt to return home in Europe.


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