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Experience Points (also known as XP) are a common feature in online based games, which consist on points earned by playing multiplayer matches and doing a variety of actions. By gaining them, players can increase their online ranks and often unlock items.

Both The Conduit and Conduit 2 feature this system as well. In both games, XP can only be gained in public matches. Players can increase their online ranks by reaching a particular limit of experience points for each rank level.

In The Conduit[]

Experience Points can be earned by killing enemy players, kills are worth 2 points. Additionaly, once a player gets into a Killing Spree (killing a number of enemies consecutively without dying) the XP gained during these sprees for each kill is increased by a multiplier. A display will appear on the HUD indicating that the XP can be multiplied, and a percentage will represent how much can be earned for a kill. The first multiplier is 150% which starts at the third consecutive kill, and increases with each kill until reaching 1000% (20 points for one kill), at that point subsequent kills will stay at that 1000%. Being killed will reset the multiplier and kills will again be worth 2 XP for each kill.

In Conduit 2[]

Experience Points can be earned in many ways in Conduit 2, since the game features Medals and Achievements it is possible to gain XP by completing goals in addition to killing other players. All medals gained in a match will give a number of XPs.

The game no longer multiplies the XP with killing sprees like in The Conduit, but each stage of the spree is worth a number of XPs. Not only kills earn XP, but how they were made can earn more points; for example, killing one enemy with a headshot is more valuable than killing it with a body shot. Also the XP gained in a match also equals to an amount of Credits earned.

The XP and current rank are displayed at the top of the profile of a player, and when going online, other people can see eachother's earned XP and other information.

Also through the use of the Update System, on special ocations the game developers can set "Double XP" periods, where any XP earned is doubled.