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Alien captive "Five", as he appeared in an old version of The Conduit manual.

Alien Captive, "Five" was supposed to be the fifth Drudge alien hostage The Trust had obtained. He first appeared in an old version of The Conduit manual as a Skimmer, but never appeared in the game. The manual described him as: "The intelligent captured alien number Five is sullen and resentful of his treatment at the hands of The Trust. He is willing to explain to Michael Ford what happened to him and communicates telepathically in distorted English."[1] Perhaps the reason for him not making an appearance is that it is pointless for The Trust to "capture" The Drudge and force them to speak, as they were the ones who created the Drudge.


  • Despite Five not making it to the final version of the game, Prometheus might have had a replacing role, with him being a imprisoned alien.


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