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Fragmentation grenade
Vital statistics
Type Grenade
Effects "frags"/ harms enemies (and self if thrown at close range)
Faction Human
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Fragmentation grenades, or more commonly known as frag grenades, or just frags, are grenades in The Conduit based off of real world weapons. A frag grenade is about the size of a tennis ball and thrown at enemies to injure or kill them. It is commonly a green color and has a small part jutting out the top for the pin and the handle of the grenade. When thrown, its explosion is able to kill more than one enemy at a time. It can be bounced off of certain terrain, which make them a good strategy for killing enemies behind cover. In the real world frags use shrapnel to kill targets, in the game the range of the shrapnel is greatly reduced to make multiplayer an even field of combat.

In Conduit 2, it glows red and doesn't bounce off objects as much. It also does not detonate when it collides with a player, or the second time it hits an object like they did in The Conduit. Instead the grenade detonates roughly 2 seconds after contact with anything. The grenade also deals significantly more damage, which seems logical, due to complaints of The Conduit's grenades being underpowered.

Beneficial Suit Upgrades[]

  • Explosive Focus (Primary)
  • Improved Explosives (Secondary C)

Conduit 2 Online Weapon Statistics[]

Note: Weapon statistics apply differently offline.

"The standard issue military frag grenade. Cooks for approximately 2 seconds before exploding, delivering massive damage in a localized radius."

  • Damage - 105
  • Splash Radius - Max range of ~5m.
  • Headshot Multiplier - 100% (no bonus)


  • The Frag Grenade is the only projectile that can be launched directly into a Darkstar's charge without detonating or being deleted immediately. It does however, travel along with the Darkstar charge and detonate roughly 2 seconds later.

Real World Use[]

A frag grenade works by the pulling of a metal pin located at the top of the weapon and the release of the handle to the side. Once it has left the users hand it may bounce off an object and explode. The initial explosion actually causes minimal damage, however the metal casing of the grenade fragments (hence fragmentation grenade) sending lethal shrapnel around the explosion radius. The shrapnel can travel at a speed of 2000 feet per second and are extremely dangerous.