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Thex, part of the free drudge

When Prometheus' body died, the Drudge lost their connection and loyalty to John Adams. While many Drudge chose to keep working for The Trust, many decided to work for themselves and they became the Free Drudge. The Free Drudge have created their own culture, language and society. They fight the Drudge and the Trust for control of Washington, D.C. and it is possible that they are building their own city around D.C. This is possibly to stop the threat of the Trust. It is also possible that if the Free Drudge gain control of D.C. they will rebuild the city to a different form of architecture, a Drudge form of architecture.


When entering Washington, D.C, Michael Ford sees the Drudge fighting each other, at first he does not understand this but states he likes it. Michael then sees a Trust Agent interrogating a Free Drudge who promptly calls Ford "Liberator". The Drudge then kills the Agent who is distracted after noticing Ford and explains to Ford that they choose not to work for the Trust.

Free Drudge Soldiers[]

  • Othu: He appears for the first time in the Siberia Crash mission, lying in a cave, he was hurt because of his ship crashed during a suicide mission.


  • All Free Drudge encountered are Drones.
  • Information aquired in Siberia states that "All Free Drudge have had direct contact with Michael Ford, which is why he is refered to as "The Liberator."
  • In the Washington, DC level, Trust personell will attack any Drudge they find, and vice versa, even non-Free Drudge. This is evident because Trust attack Drudge forces that will attack you, and you have to kill them to move on. This may mean that The Trust in DC were given the order to kill any Drudge they see, and the Drudge then fight back, even if they were going to work for The Trust.
  • In missions played after Washington, DC, such as China, Siberia and the Lost City of Z, Trust personell and Drudge soldiers are working together again. This is probably because those are all Michael Ford's first time in those areas, and the Drudge don't become free until they come in direct contact with him.
  • Shortly after the player kills Prometheus in The Conduit, Adams thanks Mr. Ford for killing Prometheus saying something alon the lines of "I must thank you Mr. Ford, you've saved me the trouble of killing him myself."  Meaning that Adams probobly had a plan for dealing with the Free Drudge later on.  The Free Drudge may not actually be as free as they seem...