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ASE Ball

ingame photo with of ra ase

thumb|300px|right|Video of player playing this gamemode

Free for all CTF is a multiplayer game mode in Conduit 2.

It is a part of the Free For All category. The object of this gametype is to capture a neutral flag (ASE) located in the middle of the map and return it to a random location in the map. Once a player grabs the ball, it will be unable to fire any weapon or even sprint, but can toss grenades and melee. Additionally, at any time the player can toss the ASE to use his/her weapons

Players can change the goal spot by dropping and picking up the ASE over and over until the goal is more of their liking.

This is one of the hardest if not the hardest gametype as all players try for the ASE at the same time, killing whomever holds it.

There is a upgrade that makes this task easier, and that upgrade is Supercharger, although to get it the player must capture the "flag" 25 times and this cannot be accomplished in custom matches.

The ASE's location and distance will be marked on the players HUD with the target indicator, it will leave a "ghost" trail showing where it was, and it will also make a beeping noise for easy tracking. Killing or being killed won't affect the scoring. Once a player reaches the point limit, or has the most points when the match's time limit ends, the game ends and the player is declared the winner.