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Friend Codes are a befriending system featured in both The Conduit and Conduit 2. Most games on the Wii console that uses the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection for different kinds of online interaction with other players requires the use of Friend Codes. Conduit 2 also features a Rivals system in addition of friend codes.

Friend Codes are a 12 digit numerical code, generated once the game disc conects with the online service. They are unique, meaning that loading a different disc on the same console or the same disc on a different console will generate a new code.

To befriend players using friend codes, both players must exchange the codes with eachother, then they must accept the other person's request.

Advantages of befriending players with this system includes being able to chat with eachother, and playing with a friend for the first time earns an achievement once in Conduit 2. Also, players that have exchanged friend codes can also participate in both public and private matches that their friends are currently playing.

Up to 64 friends can be listed.