The Conduit Wiki

1. charge up any chargable weapon and then punch and reload, This allows you to be able to only click and it fires a charged shot.

2. fire the tpc launcher while switching guns make a tpc float in the air.

3. fire the carboniser while switching guns kills people in 1 second.heres a vid. [[1]]

4. kill yourself with the hive cannon on explosive set (or human with mp5k) next to a weapons cache go back up to the weapons cache after you respawn hold the tpc launcher switch to the hive cannon by hte weapons cache and then switch to your smaw. At exactly the same time press a on the weapons cache and now you have a rapid fire smaw.heres a vid. [[2]]

5. on streets go to the bottom floor of the blue base, go to the wall which is by the table (not the wall with health pack) use the strike rifle to go through the wall ( by jumping and aiming up and then down to the bottom of the screen)

6. on pentagon go to the red base go up the stairs and turn left and at the top of the staircase crouch look down and move backwards. If done correctly you will fall so jump and punch repeatedly. move around while jumping and punching and see where you can land on something. heres a vid. [[3]]

7. on sanctum go where the hive cannon is and go down the stairs. turn right and you will see a drudge weapons cache. jump inbetween the left side of the weapons cache and a wall. if done correctly ( may take a couple of trys) you will have to jump and punch in a glitchy area. go forward ( while jumping and punching ) and land on a small box thing.heres a vid. [[4]]