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The Drudge are planning an attack on the White House. Get there and make sure the President escapes.
Location The White House
Enemies Puppet Humans, Drones, Scarab, Tear-Mites, Therm-Mites, Skimmers
Weapons MP5KA4, Strike Rifle, Shrieker, SCAR
Achievements Secrets Award, Completion Award
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Trust Invasion

Gridlock is the fifth campaign mission in The Conduit, taking place in the White House.

Hidden Messages[]

  • "Weep for long lost Nibiru!"
  • "And from the Cat's Eye Nebula they came forth"
  • "Ad astra per aspera (To the stars through difficulties)"
  • "XXIII"
  • "Darkness seems scarcely different from light..."
  • "You are not paranoid - you are right!"
  • "People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders!"


  • There is a glitch near the end. When you enter the yard where the trapped helicopter is, go to the drudge ammo cache,  jump on it, then onto the bushes, then over the fence. This allows you to go out of the map, including into the heli and on the front of the white house. If you go too far, you wont die but you will fail the mission.  Also you can go inside the white house, but the floors and walls will disappear. You will only see the remains of destroyed conduits and doors.