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Guardians are a type of large robot found in the 5th mission of Conduit 2, they serve as a sort of sub-boss enemy in the game. Only 5 of them can be fought on the game per profile, since this mission cannot be replayed.

Dark Star image

The first Guardian encounter

When Michael Ford sets to investigate the depths of Atlantis to restore power to the main hub conduit, he comes across these imposing enemies. Once they sense his presence, they activate in a Transformer like fashion and will inmediately attack Ford. Armed with dual eye lasers and a powerfull melee strike, these enemies can be very tough to defeat. Once defeated, they reverse their transformation and go offline, though its unknown if permanently.

These enemies seem to have taken the role of the Invaders from The Conduit since they work in similar ways:

  • Both are massive, imposing figures. But this makes them slow and bulky.
  • They both have a dual projectile attack and devastating melee power.
  • They are assisted by much smaller and weaker beings in combat (Para-Mites for the Invader, Sentries for the Guardian)
  • They both require large amounts of shots to be taken down, but they have some kind of trick to ease the battle.


  • These creatures were stated in the Nintendo Power reveal article to be able to be manually controlled by the player through the use of the ASE, however this feature was not present in the final game.
  • These enemies can be damaged while they are offline, and even when they go through their activation animation, making the battles a little easier.
  • All of them can be fought from either the previous room or from a high altitude, making imposible for the Guardians to reach Ford with their melee attacks. This also lets Ford dodge the laser attacks and reload his weapons.