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Headbanger headset

The Headbanger Headset.

The Headbanger Headset is developed by Performance Designed Products LLC and is the first online chat headset for the Wii. [1] Conduit 2 is one of the first games to support the new device in its online multiplayer and is stated for release in October 2010 for North America & Europe. Currently the headset is only available in white and comes with the options a mute button and a volume control nob integrated into the ear piece. LED lights will indicate whether or not the headset is active and will also act as an indicator for the mute option. The headset mic is flexible for the best comfort possible and ; it features a high quality noise-canceling mic and ear piece, it will be offering a high quality online chat experience and the ear piece is interchangeable between both left and right ears without any modifications neccessary.[2] It is licensed by Nintendo and has a suggested retail price of $24.99.

The headset will not be compatible with past Wii Speak compatible games as a special driver is needed in order for the headset to work. [3]