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High Voltage Software is an independent video game developer company. Its headquarters is located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, United States and was founded on April 23, 1993.[1] During their seventeen years in the video game industry, they have shipped over 75 titles across all consoles available since 1994.[2] High Voltage are the creators of the original IP video game The Conduit and its sequel Conduit 2. They have also developed many other Wii and WiiWare games such as Tournament of Legends. High Voltage Software was also the developer of the anticipated horror genre based shooter 'The Grinder' which was set for release on October 31st, 2011, but after missing the release date nothing was heard. Recently, High Voltage has released Captain America:Super Soldier for

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the Wii and 3DS platforms as well as several Nickelodeon games for the XBOX Kinect.

thumb|left|300px|Interview with Eric Nofsinger of High Voltage