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The Drudge are attacking the Pentagon in order to seize the defense codes for all of America. Get those codes before the Drudge do.
Location The Pentagon
Enemies Puppet Humans, Scarabs, Storm Scarabs, Drones, Invaders, Para-Mites, Tear-Mites
Weapons SMAW, Strike Rifle, Hive Cannon, Shrieker
Achievements Secrets Award, Completion Award
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Gridlock Homeland

Invasion is the sixth mission in The Conduit. It takes place in the Pentagon.

Hidden Messages[]

"Novus ordo seclorum"

  • "The sacrilege of BayanKara-Ula will not be forgotten"
  • "The Dropas came down from the clouds..."
  • "XLII"
  • "We must join with the others to bring forth a new world order"
  • "The Attas shall pay for our exile and imprisonment"
  • "Final destiny of the gods"