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Player aiming a TPC Launcher at a Jade Warrior

Jade Warriors are a new enemy type found in Conduit 2's Story Mode, they guard the ancient ruins in the China mission. Not much is known about them, but they are living statues that will chase the protagonist Michael Ford if they detect his presence. They come in three styles: With a large hat, without the hat and with some "hair", or without the hat and "bald" head. Just as the name implies, these enemies are made of that precious stone and when killed they make a pottery-breaking noise.

Also during Li's battle, he will spawn these creatures in his final stage to assist him in the battle.


  • Like most of the enemies in the game, the AR-C Eclipse is a vital weapon to get past them without being noticed.
  • Since they lack any kind of ranged attack, they will always chase their victims and try to crush them with their foot stomp. This attack also creates a small shockwave, meaning that they don't have to directly hit a target to damage it.
  • Headshots seem to be as damaging as a body shot.

A Jade Warrior in multiplayer.


  • The Jade Warrior is one of the 7 multiplayer customizable skins.
  • This is one of the few creatures in the game capable of resisting the paralizing effect of the Carbonizer Mk16's particle beam.
  • They look like Drones, but with aspects from Li, not Prometheus.
  • An ironic thing about the Jade Warriors is that the Conduit 2 handbook states that they will rip you apart with their bare hands yet they only have a stomp attack.
  • When being used as a multiplayer character, the Jade Warrior never makes a sound, whether it's meleeing, taking damage or calling for help when waiting for revive, making it quite effective for a stealth build.  However, since he cannot call for an ally, it may be difficult to use in team matches.