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Killing Overide is a multiplayer team game mode in both The Conduit and Conduit 2. In this game mode players fight to capture the other teams ASE and return it to their base. Players also gain points by killing players on the opposite team.

In The Conduit it can be found under Team Objective, and in Conduit 2 it can be found under both Team Playlists.

In The Conduit[]

In Conduit 2[]

Killing Override returns in Conduit 2. It is part of the Team Objective category. Two teams, red and blue, fight for the highest amount of kills and captures. The match can be won by either reaching the point limit, or by having the most points when the time ends. Each kill nets 1 point, while a capture earns 10, making them the prime target of the match.

The ASE is marked on the HUD with the a target mark that also indicates its distance to the player in meters. Players can drop the ASE using the fire button, this can let players use their weapons, or for letting another teammate to grab it. If the ASE is dropped into a bottomless pit (like those found in Agartha) it will respawn again in its base. Touching one's own team ASE will also return it to its original place. Like other ASE based game modes, the ball will leave a ghost-like trail and make a loud noise to allow players to find it easier.

Three pillars can be found in the match, Health - Speed - Damage, and can be captured by standing near them; these pilars grant power boosts for the members of team that captures them. Capturing and securing these can take some time but are not mandatory to win the match.

John Adams will announce events on the match and victory for the red team, while Andromeda will do it for the blue team.