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A killing spree is an event present in The Conduit and Conduit 2. A killing spree occurs when a certain amount of kills are reached within one life. Killing sprees offer boosts in experience gained and also increases in certain abilities of the player.


The Conduit[]

A killing spree comes into effect when the player gains three kills without dieing. Nothing has to be special about the kills (eg. the player has to kill three different players, use a different weapon each time, etc.), the player just has to earn three kills.

Upon reaching three kills, a small non-transparent screen will appear a bit below at the middle right side of the screen. This screen appears oval shaped, with on the far left side being how many kills are achieved, and the top half of the remaining part having the word "kills" in it, while the bottom half lists (in percent) how much their EXP is received.

For each extra kill the player receives, their number of kills in the screen will go up by one, and how much EXP they receive will have 50% added to it. It should be noted that the player's current percentage is not multiplied by 50%, an extra 50% is added to their current percentage.

A killing spree will continue until the player dies.


Upon reaching certain numbers of kills, sound clips of the female announcer will sound. These sounds clips first occur when the player achieves a killing spree, and after that sound after every fifth kill. When a killing spree is initiated, the voice clip "Killing spree" will sound.

Upon reaching the fifth kill, the clip "Massacre" will sound. "Kill fest" is heard upon reaching the tenth kill, and "Sadistic" is heard upon a fifteenth kill.


Killing sprees offer certain advantages. Upon reaching five kills without dieing, the SPAS 12 will be granted double ammunition capacity - allowing it to hold 16 shots instead of the regular 8. Reaching ten kills will cause a slight boost in defense to the player, causing all weapons and grenades (minus flash grenades) to inflict only 85% damage.

This defense-boosting effect is ignored by the SMAW, TPC Launcher, Shrieker, and headshots with any weapon.


Simultaneously causing a killing spree to occur while dieing will cause the player to retain that killing spree upon spawning. This is easily done by having already killed two other opposing players, then killing an opposing player with a SMAW while the player is also killed, effectively causing a simultaneous death and killing spree.

It is not known if this same event can happen with massacres, kill fests, sadistics.

Conduit 2[]

It is not known if there are any changes to the killing spree function in Conduit 2.