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City of z

Lost City is one of the new multiplayer areas to be featured in Conduit 2. It is based upon the Lost City of Z singleplayer map.


The level is composed of three areas: The Red Team base, the middle zone, and the Blue Team base, all separated by massive stone walls.

Both bases are similar in design, located on a large slopped surface, with a tunnel leading to a sniper spot on the right side and a tower with (generaly) a capture point on top on the left side, another tunnel leading to the middle zone is on the left side (viewed from the team's base perspective). Behing the towers, there are some large structures made of stepping stones, the team's ASE and goal capture points are in this construction. Both bases also feature some rubble near the towers to serve as cover. The tunnels are all different from eachother, leading to different parts of the bases.

The middle zone has the most features and complexity in design. The main feature of the area is the large arch in the center of the map in lower ground and can be used to climb quickly to higher grounds (additionally, an ASE can be found on top of it in single ASE games), it also has four paths coming from it. The paths going to the bases split in two, one goes underground and the other goes through a large opening in the large stone wall. The path that goes to the left (blue team perspective) leads to a ladder that lets players reach to a higher path that connects with both bases, the path tha goes to the right splits in two, one goues through a tunnel and leads to a ladder that can be used to reach to a sniper spot, the other split simply goes to ground level. Small squared structures can be found all over the place, and look like miniatured versions of the team bases.

The whole map features large amounts of vegetation, making hard to see some players when they hide in them. The overall size of the map is quite large, but due to the two giant walls separating the sections, the combat tends to focus on the middle zone, particulary on the Speed control point.

A smaller version of this map (Dig Site) is available for small groups, like the Hardcore Free For All playlist or Splitscreen games.

thumb|400px|left|Lost City in Conduit 2's Multiplayer