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The Lost City of Z in an early version of Conduit 2

The Lost City of Z is one of the new locations in Conduit 2. It is located whithin the South American Amazon Rainforest. The area is visited in one of the several missions of the game's story mode.

A large multiplayer map based on this area is available for online and split-screen competitive games (Lost City), and has a smaller version (Dig Site) to be used in Invasion (Game Mode) as well as the other game modes.

Conduit 2 Campaign[]

After reaching to it, the Free Drudge leave Michael Ford there so they can continue with their missions. The area is soon discovered to be heavily guarded by the Trust, as they seem to be waiting for John Adams to arrive. Prometheus mentions that the Progenitor energy signal detected by Andromeda is too weak, and may be coming from a corpse.

After making his way to the central area of the site, Ford finds a broken conduit and the dead progenitor. After absorbing its energy, Prometheus tells Michael that he wont be able to do anything with the powers of the progenitors and Prometheus himself unless they are channeled into the suit itself. Knowing that this would prove to be fatal for his friend, Michael protest but Prometheus does it anyway, killing himself in the process.

Screenshot 34893

Prometheus dies while giving all the powers to Ford

After this, Ford makes his way to the other side of the site, reaching a functional conduit and traveling back to Atlantis.

Trust Archives[]

Tablet PC - Z[]

This contains images of primitive records recalling to British Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcet. Along with several others, Colonel Fawcet apparently discovered what he called "The Lost City of Z", which was his title for Chriakan's enclave. The Progenitor used Fawcet's party for drug experimentation until their death by overdose in 1931