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Marines VS Ninja[]

Marines VS Ninjas is a fan made game mode adapted from Balloon Battle, and was founded by a group of 3 players on February 13 2012. The rules are simple, players with lives are called "Marines" and players without lives are called "Ninjas." Marines try to stay alive as long as possible, and cannot use Widowmaker Turrets, TPC Launchers, or Stealth, and Ninjas can only use melee attacks, their goal is to deplete the lives of all the marines. Marines win by surviving the time limit, and Ninjas win by killing all the marines before the time limit.

Tips and Recommendations[]

  • Because TPC Launchers and Widowmaker turrets are forbidden, camping is difficult but still the best idea, bunker down in a long straightaway.
  • The more players in the game the more lag, no fan-made game modes are recommended for more than 8 players.
  • The SCAR is the weapon of choice for this game mode since it has a high fire rate and is fairly accurate.
  • A few of the worst weapons to pick are: AEGIS Devie, Phase Rifle, Strike Rifle, HVS45, and Darkstar. Sniper Rifles and other slow shooting weapons will usually get you killed.

Recommended Maps[]

Maps are rated 1-5 depending on how well they work on this game mode, 1 is low, 5 is high.

  • Streets Prime= 3
  • Pentagon Prime= 5
  • Lost City= 5
  • Sanctum Prime= 4
  • Serenity= 2
  • Abyss= 1
  • Agartha= 2
  • Whiteout= 3
  • Avalanche= 2
  • Dig Site= 1
  • Precipice= 3


Hosts choice of Ammo Dumps and Radar on/off for all games except for 8 or more players, then both always off

Number of Players Map type 1-5 Run speed/gravity Health/regen Time Limit Lives
3-4 2-3 100/100 200/200 20 6
5-6 3-4 125/114 200/200 20 6
7-8 4-5 100/100 200/200 18 5
9 3-5 85/85 150/150 15 8
10 5 85/85 125/125 15 10
11-12 5 75/75 100/100 15 10

Note: Marines VS Ninjas does not work well offline.


  • Marines VS Ninjas was orriginally called "Ninjas VS Seals" but was changed because it was concidered offencive to U.S. Navy Seals when the ninjas won.
  • some players call this game mode "Hardcore Bomb Zombies" because it is very similar to another fan-made game mode called "Bomb Zombies"
  • Halo fans usually call this game mode "Infection" because it is almost identical to Halo's Infection mode.
  • One of the co-creators of Bomb Zombies co-invented this game.