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The Melee Attack is the most basic part of The Condut and Conduit 2. That said, it must still be thought of as a weapon, however basic it may be. Melee attacks are not technically a true weapon, but nonetheless still a good way to kill an enemy.

The Melee Attack has not changed much in Conduit 2, but has changed a bit. The biggest difference being that it can now become a Backstab, which deals more damage. Another big change is that Upgrades now effect Melee Attacks and Backstabs.


There is no strategy for this weapon itself, instead lying solely on the true weapon the player carries. Refer to each weapon seperately to create your own strategy.

It is usually a good idea to melee when out of ammo in a firefight.

Conduit 2 online weapon statistics[]

Note: Weapon statistics apply differently offline.

Ammo - Infinite

Damage - 40 (Area)

Backstab Damage - 100 (Area target validation)

Headshot Multiplier - Unknown

Backstab headshot Multiplier - Unknown

Beneficial Upgrades[]

  • Blinding Powder (Secondary Upgrade B)
  • Improved Melee (Secondary Upgrade C)


  • In The Conduit the SMAW only took 2 melee attacks to kill a player, but in Conduit 2 it takes 3.
  • This and the Crash Site Engines are the only fake Weapons that players can use online.